RELEASE DATE: NLE Nursing June 2016 Exam Results

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens and examination takers are now asking as to when is the exact release date of the NLE or the Nursing Licensure Exam conducted June 5-6 2016.

Despite the stipulated date in the PRC resolution No. 2015-948 series of 2015 that the results will be released July 5, 2016, there are several riddles and hints that probably, the release of results will be earlier.

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Carl E. Balita via his Facebook page hinted the examinees on possible release date of results. According to netizens reactions, this may likely be out by June 18-28, 2016.

Meanwhile, in an article written in PRC Baguio official website, PRC Regional director himself, Teofilo Gaius M. Sison, Jr, told that the results will be released after 21 working days.

Which one of these dates are authentic? Just stay tuned at this website or to PRC official website because chances are, these may be released earlier or later than the scheduled release date.

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